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Is there anyone who has everything in this world? What does one do then?

So you have achieved everything that you desire, the finest of everything that the world has to offer. Where do you go from here? What Next? While this most certainly is a complex question and we do believe that there is never a situation where one has it all. However, if one has achieved almost all desirable things in life, the best that the world has to offer… where does one go from there?

Definitely a great situation to be in !! But at those levels, there are questions that remain unanswered…The biggest of them all !! What now?

There is one thing that one could explore…Create Legacy & Leave it for Generations ahead. Marquee Assets like Trident Residences from The Oberoi Hotels fit perfectly well in an asset that can become part of the legacy that you can leave behind for generations to cherish. Why do we believe it is a Legacy? Well, owning a property in South Delhi with a brand like The Oberoi is a double whammy !! 

Limited Edition Apartments curated to perfection at a location that one would love to have through the generations.

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