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Real Estate Advertising Strategies :

1. Am I correct that the building empty is easier to sell?

Yes, selling a vacant, ready-for-possession is much easier to sell in your case as the rent that you are getting is very low. Vacant properties offer more flexibility to potential buyers, and they can envision various use cases without being bound by existing lease agreements or tenant arrangements. Many Commercial properties sell higher than the market rate based on the rental yield, will discuss it when we have a chat.

2. Any interest or what do we need to do to create interest? Do we formally advertise?

Generating interest in your property is crucial for a successful sale. Planning to advertise both offline and online is a wise approach. We work out an offline and online advertising strategy on various social media handles we have about 19000 followers on LinkedIn which attracts most corporates and serious players and helps create excitement amongst potential buyers and decision-makers aged between 40 and 50 you can check out , On Instagram and Facebook we have about 12,000 AND 5,500 Followers which makes the property go Viral and create a possible a FOMO around buyers influencers aged between 25-50 please check out our handles you can check out: AND FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can indeed be a powerful motivator, especially in competitive real estate markets. Generally, in India, If an owner advertises directly with open mandates, it has many challenges and gives the perception of being very keen and drives the price southwards we have put our thoughts on open vs exclusive mandates in our blog you can go through them and assess.

3. Your commission will be?

It’s essential to clearly outline the terms and conditions, including the commission structure, in your engagement term sheet. This transparency helps both you and the client understand the financial arrangement. There are no Fixed slabs in India, being an unorganised market with no barriers to entry anybody and everybody becomes part of the trade, we charge 2% as a service fee, will share our engagement term sheet as we progress further.

4. Any next steps to get things ready?

Just Pray that we get motivated buyers as soon as possible 😊

Next Steps:

• Having the floor plans and dimensions of the property is indeed helpful for potential buyers. These details can be used in marketing materials and can assist buyers in visualizing the property’s layout.

• As for the next steps, it’s crucial to prepare your property for sale by ensuring it’s in its best condition, both aesthetically and legally. This may include necessary repairs, documentation verification, and compliance with local regulations.

• Additionally, creating a compelling marketing strategy, as you’ve outlined, and engaging with potential buyers through your networks will be key to attracting motivated buyers. Selling a property can be a complex process, and having a well-thought-out plan is a positive step toward achieving a successful sale. Ensure that all the details, including the engagement term sheet and marketing materials, are well-prepared, and be ready to respond to inquiries and show the property to interested buyers. Wishing you the best of luck, and if you have any further questions or need assistance with specific aspects of the sale, feel free to ask.

Mastering the Art of Property Sales: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Unlocking Potential: The Power of an Empty Building

  • Delve into the advantages of selling an empty property, emphasizing flexibility and buyer freedom.
  • Explore how commercial properties can command higher prices based on rental yield, a topic to be discussed in-depth during a consultation.

2. Crafting Interest: Strategies for Successful Advertising

  • Uncover the importance of generating interest for a seamless sale.
  • Plan a dual advertising approach, offline and online, tapping into a vast social media presence.
  • Leverage FOMO dynamics, exploring its impact in competitive real estate markets.
  • Navigate the nuances of open mandates vs exclusive mandates, as discussed in your insightful blog.

3. Commission Clarity: Transparency in Financial Arrangements

  • Illuminate your commission structure, emphasizing a fair and transparent engagement term sheet.
  • Address the unorganized market scenario in India, highlighting a reasonable 2% service fee.

4. Ready, Set, Sell: Steps for a Successful Sale

  • Share insights on property preparation, including the significance of detailed floor plans.
  • Stress the importance of aesthetic, legal, and regulatory compliance for a property in top condition.
  • Outline the next steps, focusing on a compelling marketing strategy and engaging potential buyers through established networks.

5. Navigating Complexity: Your Roadmap to Success

  • Emphasize the importance of a well-thought-out plan in the intricate process of property sales.
  • Encourage preparedness for inquiries, property showings, and negotiations.

Selling your property is a journey, and this guide ensures you’re equipped with the knowledge and strategies for a successful outcome. For any further queries or assistance, feel free to reach out. Wishing you the best of luck in your property sale! 🏡✨

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