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South Delhi known for its luxurious lifestyle, affluent locality & world-class amenities. It is a hub of plush colonies, lavish malls and upscale residences. Buying a luxury home in South Delhi is an exhilarating experience and SouthDelhiPrime promises to make it the epic one!

Luxury home have the most exclusive architecture, best location, dazzling interiors, branded fixtures and most modern appliances to give you the wonderful living environment to you & your family!

Buying a luxury home in South Delhi, undoubtedly, involves a good amount of money as you are looking at the crème-de-la-crème of residences in some of the prime posh colonies.

From Independent Bungalows/ Kothi to luxury penthouses and apartments, South Delhi has some of the best properties to buy. Buying a property should be done with utmost care and here are few of the tips which can make the difference to your home-buying experience:

5 Tips for buying luxury home in South Delhi

1. Find the right real estate agent:

Buying a luxury home for you and your family is a long term investment impacting your future lifestyle. Thus, it is very important to enlist the services of an experienced real estate agents with extensive knowledge of its working locality.

  • Have experience in high-end real estate

  • Full subject knowledge of his locality

  • Extensive network of peers and home sellers

  • Good domain knowledge of legal regulations

  • Preferably have its own website with property listings

SouthDelhiPrime, is a digital arm of SanD Advisory ltd, and has an experience of more than three decades in South Delhi residential market. With 500+ HNI clients and transaction worth millions, SouthDelhiPrime’s sole aim is to deliver seamless luxury home-buying experience to its clients with the help of its experienced team of inhouse real estate experts and deliver the keys to your luxury home in the quickest possible time.

2. Know Your Colony (KYC)

Choosing the right colony is a very important ingredient in your luxury home buying process. As the old real estate mantra goes “Location, location, location.”

Finding the perfect colony among all the posh colony of South Delhi depends on lot of general and personal factors. Lush green surroundings, low density per square, vicinity to modern amenities and lively neighbourhood are some of the factors defining posh colonies. Price per square yards varies from colony to colony.

SouthDelhiPrime brings you the Know Your Colony (KYC) of all the posh colonies giving detailed information on all the colonies ranging from the prevailing prices per square yard to the complete colony plan to make the buyer as informed as possible about the locality.

3. Go beyond the photos:

Don’t rely too much on photographs and fancy video walkthroughs to make your final decision. Visit the property personally to get the real idea of the property and its vicinity. SouthDelhiPrime always advise its client to do a site visit, check the neighbourhood and not rely too much on photos.

4. Take your time

Buying a luxury home involves good amount of money and your decision will impact the future lifestyle of your family.

SouthDelhiPrime always recommends its client to take sufficient time once the property is shortlisted to check the necessary approvals  like title of ownership, plan layout approvals and other regulatory requirements. Take your time to research the property as well as the location to make it the best decision of your life.

5. Access to exclusive 'pocket' listings

Lot of luxury homes are not listed publicly and are thus not listed on any online platforms. Their listings are only shown to qualified buyers as per the seller terms and conditions. Experienced real estate agents with its vast network can help you get access to those pocket listings suiting your requirements.

SouthDelhiPrime with its experience of more than three decades and experienced team of South Delhi real estate experts has access to some of the best and exclusive pockets listings of South Delhi luxury home market.  specializes in buying, selling and leasing of  luxury properties in South Delhi’s posh colonies like Neeti BaghPanchsheel ParkChanakyapuriWestend. with its real estate insights, contacts and experience can help you owing a beautiful luxurious home in the heart of  Delhi Elite locations.

Tell us your requirements here and we will help you find a perfect match!

Happy Luxury Home-buying! a Digital Venture of SanD Advisory Pvt Ltd. is a boutique real estate advisory & transaction company, having advised the who’s who of South Delhi on their real estate assets. We have special expertise in high value transactions & dispositions in South & Central Delhi. With over 500+ clients, SanD has done transactions worth millions., our online expert will respond to some of the common questions we’re receiving regarding buying a house during this pandemic.

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