South Delhi Pricing Matrix

Property rates in South Delhi
Revised Property Rates in South Delhi post COVID-19

The above image depicts how price/sq yds increase in South Delhi as we move upwards towards Connaught place (CP) from Saket Area. Similarly, prices move upwards as we move upwards from CR Park towards the airport.
There are many factors influencing prices in South Delhi.

The Opportunity - Encash on the Generation!

Posh colony in South Delhi

Price Influencers in South Delhi

property prices in South Delhi

Property Valuation Drivers

Property valuation drivers in South Delhi Luxury Property Market

Know Your Colony (KYC)

To understand South Delhi colony-wise pricing better Dr. Property has divided South Delhi Posh Colonies into 10 Zones. These zones are divided based on various parameters like plot prices/sq yds, plot size, location, etc.
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