The word ‘Zen’ is the Japanese attempt at pronouncing the Sanskrit word ‘Dhyana’, which translates as ‘meditation’. Zen practice is a way of living that incorporates a total togetherness of mind and body to become fully aware, here & now in the present moment; where we truly live.


Home being an integral part of this journey, Cutting Edge Infrastructure realized the need to create such living environments that not only provide an address, but also bequeath the residents with peace & comfort. Consequently, Zen Apartments has been delivering projects at the most affluent & prime locations of Delhi, which not only excel architecturally but also outclass in designing, with attention given to even the minutest of detail. The commitment to Zen philosophy in designing, sets these apartments class apart, elevating homes to very own personal retreats.


If you are looking for a calm oasis in this city of stress, as the place to call “home”, Zen Apartments is the perfect answer for you & your family.



  • Prime affluent locations in South Delhi.
  • State of the art architecture conceived using the best of modern technology and interior designing concepts specified to the highest standard.
  • Exclusive attached open spaces like balconies & in select cases, terrace gardens wherever applicable.
  • Stylish kitchens combining modular concepts with exquisite stones and quality products.
  • Secure parking facilities available with identified car parks for each apartment within the apartment complexes.
  • Excellent connectivity to all parts of Delhi NCR, through any transport network via roads or metro.
  • Easily accessible from nearest Metro Stations and  in proximity to Hospital, Retail Markets, Schools, Malls, Railway Stations and Airport.

Portfolio Of ZEN Apartments

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