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Importance of a Site Visit for Luxury Home-Buyers in South Delhi

Why site visit is important while buying a luxury home in South Delhi

Is a Property Site Visit really necessary?

With plethora of online videos and 3D walkthroughs for a property, is it important to do a site visit?

Searching for a home online is so much easier, time effective & safe in current pandemic times. Undoubtedly, the Internet has truly revolutionized the way we buy & sell our homes.

Gone are the days of visiting home after home on the street and making a decision, the Internet saves a lot of time by –

Once you have shortlisted projects of your choice in your preferred colony, nothing beats a ‘Site Visit’ a face to face encounter – whether with a person or in assessing a potential property you seek to buy. This is especially important when you are hoping to buy your luxury home in South Delhi – and is, in fact, one of the most important steps in the process of buying a house. When you are all set to buy a luxury home in posh colony of South Delhi, your investment in the purchase is a high price. It isn’t easy to part with so much money, and therefore, it is important to understand what you are buying, and what you are getting.

Below are few of the reasons why site visit is important part of Home-Buying:

1. Luxury Home-Buying Experience:

Big internet real estate portals are full of all types of listings across all India making it very difficult for a luxury home buyers to find their dream home matching their lifestyle & requirements. Rather than sorting through pages and pages of millions of real estate listings on the big portals, nothing comes close to a luxury home buying experience via visiting a niche website with a sole focus on selling luxury homes in your preferred city like SouthDelhiPrime is a niche website for luxury home buyers in South Delhi.

We have a full service real estate service model, with an experienced real estate agents with decades of experience in South Delhi real estate market, who can understand your unique needs, and will work with you and your busy schedule to deliver an epic home buying service far beyond just the registration and sale of your property.

So, when you’re looking to buy a home in South Delhi, you can simply click through the already curated selection of best properties on our website to find your dream luxurious home.

But it is not enough to simply take a look at the pictures of the home online before making your purchase. Call us & arrange a site visit for the shortlisted properties.

2. Know the Local Neighborhood:

Site visit is critical to understand more about the locality in which you are looking to buy your home in South Delhi. Visit our Know Your Colony (KYC) page to get idea about different posh colonies of South Delhi. To know the lifestyle, infrastructure and extent of development in the area, site visit is must! While you are residing in the property, it is important to understand what your surroundings come with. Better connectivity, shopping areas and other networks will raise the value of your home.

3. Know the Amenities:

One of the main reasons to go for a site visit, especially for luxury apartments in South Delhi like DLF Apartments in GK Part-2, Botanica Apartments in Neet Bagh, is to understand the amenities that are being offered. Projects of every kind offer variant types of amenities that range from indoor to outdoor gaming spaces, health centres, gyms, community centres and clubhouses, and swimming pools. These amenities are included in the asking price of the apartments.

4. Know the Quality of Fittings & Fixtures:

Every real estate listing on internet boasts of having branded fittings & fixtures. However, to know the kind & what brand of fittings and electrical equipment that is being used in your shortlisted property, a site visit is important. It is important to keep track of the brand name of the fittings and electrical equipment that are being used. This will also help you understand the quality of construction in your shortlisted property in South Delhi.

5. Pictures are Not True Representation:

Online property listing is an awesome way to help you identify great properties to purchase, but a physical property site visit can help you tell whatever flaws the pictures in a listing might have missed, approach and neighbourhood, and which final 2-3 homes you want to make an offer on.

When you have shortlisted your properties on real estate websites in South Delhi, it is important to visit these homes to get the true feel of the home.

Some important questions to ask yourself like:

  • How are the utility systems, furnishings and specifications?

  • Are the sizes you saw online the actual sizes or have they been magnified somehow?

  • How does the home flow from one room (or part) to the next? and are you okay with it?

  • How about the colony? Is it gated? Are there constant loud noise pollution or security disturbance?

These are some aspects of a home that just cannot be found online.

Visit our website, shortlist your preferred properties in South Delhi and connect with us to arrange a site visit for you with our team of experienced realtors. A realtor on your side can greatly help you in identifying potential flaws and positives based on your needs. Understanding your needs, our realtor will also suggest you similar properties which are not listed online, known as pocket listings matching your residential requirements in your preferred posh colony of South Delhi.

If you are ready to buy a luxury home in South Delhi, and want to move in soon, tell us your requirements here. We’ll be happy to set you up with shortlisted homes that suit your style, budget, timeframe, etc. and schedule personalized site visits by appointment to get the process started!

Happy Home Buying! a Digital Venture of SanD Advisory Pvt Ltd. is a boutique real estate advisory & transaction company, having advised the who’s who of South Delhi on their real estate assets. We have special expertise in high value transactions & dispositions in South & Central Delhi. With over 500+ clients, SanD has done transactions worth millions., our online expert will respond to some of the common questions we’re receiving regarding buying a house during this pandemic.

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