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7 reasons why Real Estate Consultant is must when buying a property

In current times of busy lifestyle, we always refer to internet for all our needs from finding the best college to buying a new car. Recently, people have moved to online platform even to find a good property as it is very convenient and easy. Internet is full of real estate agencies giving full details about properties these days and one can easily surf 20-30 properties in an hour saving their time and hassle of visiting each property physically. These real estate agencies have their online portals with access to the details of all the existing properties and the upcoming one. In some cases, they even give you a virtual tour of their properties.

Though the internet is very efficient to give the required details, yet the Real Estate Agent like Dr. Property can yield you the optimum results and prove to be a helpful in cracking a very good deal. The importance of a real estate agent is well known to both developers and buyers. Buying, Selling or Collaborating is a complicated process and it is very difficult for a person without any real estate background to understand and cover all the intricacies of buying or selling a good property. Even a small miss in the contract can turn a havoc for the customer creating unnecessary discomfort. An expert like Dr. Property can guide you in the best possible way to reach the optimum solution under given circumstances.

Here we will share with you 7 reasons on what difference an consultation with real estate advisor can play in your whole real estate transaction experience:

1. Knowledge and Experience:

Expertise comes with knowledge and its hands-on experience. Real estate advisors are real estate experts with vast know-how of real estate market and years of experience making them professionals in their field.

Buying a perfect luxury home is a dream involving huge investment of money and emotions. Consulting an real estate advisor can guarantee you a safety of your investments and earning good returns and can do wonders for you!

2. Internal Knowledge of Real Estate Sector:

Real estate advisors have been in the real estate business since years and have insider information on almost all real estate projects in their areas. These insider tips can play a big role in cracking a good deal.

Hiring a professional would ensure that you get the updates on all the best properties in the town as per your requirements. Also, real estate advisors like Dr. Property can deal in an efficient way on your behalf as they are aware of the current pricing structure and thus can negotiate a better deal with builders.

3. Handling Paperwork:

In India there is a lot of legal paperwork involved in any real estate deal, be it buying, selling or collaborating. And these paperwork can make you really impatient and frustrated with the whole process. Transfer of ownership is a legal process and even a single miss in the contract can create an unnecessary ruckus.

Consulting a real estate professional can help you get rid of this tedious work saving your time in the administration department. They know the ins and outs of all the departments using all the bypasses to get your work done on time.

4. Vast Contacts

All real estate advisors know each other and have a vast network with all information passing through the grapevine. Any information regarding  a property is shared in the network which can be utilized by hiring a professional.

A single real estate advisor has a contact with the entire network of brokers, the loan department and other necessary contacts required for a smooth flow of any transaction.

5. Negotiations

Everyone wants the deal to be done at the best price but it involves bargaining. Many people feel it hard to bargain with the builders or sellers for the right price of the property.

Real estate professionals come really handy here. As with the help of their knowledge and contacts they can negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible price of the property.

6. Personalized Attention

Real estate advisors gives you personalized attention making efforts to understand you and your requirement. They will work with you like a family. They will not give you an overload of information about all the properties rather they will shortlist the best properties as per your requirements and budget.

The Real estate advisors work like a one-stop solution for all your real estate enquiries. Without a consultant, searching a property is like getting lost in a maze of concrete wall. A real estate agent will help you from finding the good deal to cracking it!

7. Managing resources

Time is utmost important. Consulting a real estate advisor can save your time in scouting all the properties and visiting them again and again saving your money and time.

For best utilization of your time and money resources, it is highly recommended to hire a real estate advisor who can provide you the bird’s view of the whole market making it easy for you to take the right decision and making most of a good real estate opportunity.

Save yourself from the stress of buying/ selling a property by consulting a right experienced advisor. A right real estate advisor is one who has years of experience in the real estate industry and specializes  in particular area of market like Dr. Property specializes in South Delhi luxury residences.

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