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Must Read FAQs Before Entering Into A Joint Development Collaboration!


Joint Development Collaboration is a deal between the developer and the property owner wherein the house owner allows the builder to dismantle the old house and re-build it for him on mutual agreed terms and conditions.

This is a win-win situation for all:OwnerBuilder/ Bidder

If you have decided to build your home with  the best builder or the best bidder 

This post will help your family to take an informed decision and solve all your queries regarding Joint Development Collaboration deal.Question 1: How can Dr. Property help me find the right builder to build my Dream Home?Question 2: What factors should be considered while comparing offers from multiple builders?Question 3: Is ‘Upfront Money’ the prime factor on which an owner should shortlist the builders?Question 4: How to judge builder’s quality of work on the basis of their previous projects? ?Question 5: What all points need to be covered in the contract with the builder?Question 6: Do you want a builder who looks after all the purchasing or do you want to handle the purchasing yourself?Question 7: What is better a factory made products or products made on site?

We hope that after reading this home building  article, you have more clarity on how to find a good builder for yourself. The whole process can be either fruitful or bad for your family depending on some decisions you take initially , so it’s best to take the right consultation at the beginning itself. 

Talk to professionals in the field before making a commitment. And keep in mind, getting higher upfront money can be detrimental for your home in the long run. So, it’s best to choose the best builder rather than simply saving giving your asset to the best bidder.

Dr. Property can advise and assist you to make the best choice,

In our next blog we will share with you our process and steps wise decision to be taken before selection and during the construction process 

Happy Selecting !!!

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